Our vision, at Pleasescan, is to provide you an online platform to generate, update & access your information via QR (Quick Response) Codes & NFC (Near Field Communication) systems.

We aim to build a platform where anyone can access your public profile in case of emergency and discover your basic & medical profile that allows them to provide you assistance. As an additional service for you, we provide hosting service of your medical records to be retrieved by you or your doctor in order to keep your records into one virtual platform.

As a complement, we do offer as well QR & NFC systems accordingly with each product to allow you to identify your family members and pets, as well as your valuable items thru a trusted and convenient experience.

We are committed to ensure 100% confidentiality of your information so that you can benefit from a safe and secure personal profile online experience.

Products on Pleasescan includes Adult & Kids Medical Bracelets, Luggage & Pet Tags, all with Medical Record Profiles and Luggage Tags.

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