Pleasescan products include Unique QR (Quick Response) Code and/or NFC (Near Field Communication) that can be scanned by Smart Phone or Tablet in order to retrieve the information defined in your account on a Reaponsive Design.

  • One time only payment allows you to permanent access of your information without any additional payment in the future.
  • One Year FREE Medical Database is included on all products during first year in order to allow you and your doctor to share medical files between the two of your. Medical Database is a PRIVATE AREA that is not available when the QR Code is scanned.
  • Optional yearly subscription allows you to access your Medical Record Database.

Step 1: Create your Account at


Step 2: Login your Account at

  • User Login just input your Username and Password.
  • Doctor Login select "associate" when type Doctor's Username and Password. Doctor's Username and Password are created by the Owner of the Account on using "Add User" button on each QR Code.

Step 3: Edit Profile if you require to update your Account's Settings at


Step 4a: Add QR Code Include as many QR Codes as you wish by pressing (+QR) button. One Pop-Up window will prompt you to type your new QR Code.

Step 4b: View Your QR Code by pressing the (Eye) Button

Step 4b: Edit Your QR Code by pressing the (Pencil) Button


Step 5: Upload your Medical Files by pressing the (Add File) Button. Medical Database is included FREE during first year of usage. After that period, you'll be prompted to continue the usage of the Medical Database as an add-on purchase. Please notice that Medical Profile (without attachments) is a one-time only service that does NOT require any additional payment on the future.


Step 6: Create your Doctor's Account by pressing the (Add User) Button. Each QR Code allows you to include an account (Username and Password) to allow him/her to upload files to your account. Doctors are allowed to Upload Files Only. Owner of the accounts (you) are allowed to Upload and Delete Files.